Sylvia Plath: Girl Detective








Med Student

Army Cadet


Scoliosis Girl

Smith First-Years

The Lucky Horse

Kate Simses

Bonnie Swencionis

Linda Thorson

Claire Byrne

Sheila Head

Ed Jewett

Stephen Wilde

Gerritt Vandermeer

Jeremy Redleaf

Aaron Kheifets

Taylor Shurte

Rachel Evans
Larissa Lury
Sara Merin
Ashley Mitchell
Allison Posner
Elisa Pupko
Danielle Erin Rhodes
Johna Scrabis
Joanna Simmons
Bianca S. Washington
Marie Weller

Lucky the Horse

Produced by Mike Simses and Kate Simses

Script, Direction, Camera, Editing, Sound Effects Recording, Mix, and Visual Effects by Mike Simses.

Sound Recording by Stephen Wilde and Larissa Lury.

ADR/Voice-Over Recorded at Point of Blue Studios.

"Eastside, Westside" Performed by Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra, Apollo Records 1947

"Gaudeamus Igitur" Performed by Rundfunk-Jugendchor Wernigerode and Friedrich Krell, BT Music 2012

Very Special Thanks to Dragone Classic Motorcars, Alex of Wigs n’ Plus, Ashley Albert, Chinyere Anyanwu, John Brophy, Warner Depuy, Hollie Friedenberg, Barbara Harbach, Chad Henke, Marian Kranes, Engjellushe Leka and Family, Larissa Lury, Jennifer Moon, Robert Redman, Terry Rifkin-Wasserman, Barry Schibanoff, Michael Shamoon, Lou Simmons, Bob Simses, Mary Simses, Morgan Simses, Mary Toth, Elaine Vacca, Natasha Vaynblat, Katja Vehlow, Dan Wasserman, Emmy Wasserman, Alyssa Woronik, Richard Zoehrer.